Ewan MacLeod, author of Jesus Spoke Aramaic


Ewan MacLeod is an Award-winning author, visionary, and creator of the website JesusSpokeAramaic.com. His vision is to bring Aramaic to a mainstream audience and work towards making Aramaic center-stage in the field of Biblical studies. Few today understand the incredible heritage that Aramaic has to offer Bible students of all levels. Ewan's mission in life is to change all that, and ensure that Aramaic is better known and understood by today's generation of Bible students, and that it regains its rightful place at the heart of the study of God's Word.

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In Jesus Spoke Aramaic

The Reasons Why, And Why It Matters, you will discover:

  • An introduction explaining why Jesus Spoke ARAMAIC, why you NEED to read this book, and what important lines of evidence will be presented.
  • You will discover for yourself that mainstream Encyclopedias all say that Jesus spoke Aramaic.
  • You will see that Josephus, the celebrated historian in Israel in the first century A.D. says that Jesus Spoke Aramaic.
  • Discover that the New Testament itself says Jesus Spoke Aramaic.
  • We reveal that Archaeology also says that Jesus Spoke Aramaic.
  • Find out that History, too, says that Jesus Spoke Aramaic.
  • We answer the question, But Didn't Jesus Speak Hebrew?
  • Then we answer the question, But Wasn't The New Testament Written in Greek?
  • We also welcome you to the Aramaic New Testament - which will be a real eye-opener for many.
  • We will explain why it is so important that Jesus spoke Aramaic, and what it means for you.
  • Find the answer to the intriguing question, Why Doesn't Everyone Know This?
  • Finally, we will tell you about the coming Aramaic Revolution, what it is, and why it can't be stopped.

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